Forever Moore by Neil Wittmann

The Surreal World of Neil T. Wittmann    ARPS

Seeking direction from 'It's all about me' is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment so please bear with me while this is happening :-)

My Associateship panel can be seen on the RPS website on the distinctions, what's worked for others pages.

You can see some of my work on Flickr.

Currently I am exploring surrealism as a form of expression. I work digitally from my own photography.

 I strongly believe we are the sum of our experience. Our good and not so good experiences all work together to form 'who we are'.

 I love making prints, seeing my picture displayed on a wall. I like my pictures to 'say' something, whether it is
a fleeting thought, a story, the state of the universe or a state of mind.

All my prints are Giclee using pigment inks on Fine Art papers by Hahnemuhle in limited editions and come with a certificate of authentication with holographic system (also by Hahnemuhle)

In the case of my ARPS panel prints the edition is of 25 in the original size. All other editions are limited to 50 unless otherwise stated

Please use the contact page for further information and ordering :-)


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Forever Moore

I will be exhibiting at the Harrogate International Visual Arts Expo on the weekend of the 20th to 22nd November 2015.









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