Forever Moore by Neil Wittmann

         Photographic Fine Art Prints by

Neil T. Wittmann   LRPS

Gruinard Bay, Wester Ross

 Getting the picture on the wall is important to me. The 'getting there' is a personal journey of great enjoyment that I am happy to share if the viewer is interested.

 I strongly believe we are the sum of our experience. Our good and not so good experiences all work together to form 'who we are'.

 My favourite tools at the moment are my fisheye lens which is great fun to use ( I love the distortion as it transforms the way I see things ), my macro lens, which reveals secret things not readily visible to the naked eye, and photoshop CS5 image manipulation software where I can play and experiment with my images.

Hello and welcome to my photography portal. The on-site images are low-res. Prints are available on fine art papers using a Giclee process with pigment inks providing a gallery quality print that will last up to 200 years (that's what it says on the tin :)

Currently I am regularly adding to the site so please bookmark it and come back.

You can see some of my work on Flickr. You can also purchase some of my work through: Gallery Prints UK

Currently I am exploring digital surrealism as a form of expression and making a move towards 'contemporary'.

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